2014 December 27th OPERAMA Prelude Highlights Video

2014  December 27th OPERAMA Prelude Highlights Video

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Operama inherits classic masterpieces and humanities and reinterprets them in an attempt for modern transformation. In other words, by blending different elements of pop culture like drama, operama shares diversity of modern culture and philosophy of classic arts. In addition to educating the fundamentals of modern culture and classic arts, by studying media outlets, operama connects with various fields such as media art, performance, festival, management, MICE, and etc for the branding of new values. Through art infusion, which enables developing and producing contents with no boundaries, operama forms fusion art platform.
Operama is the world’s first digital opera that started in Korea in the 21st century.



“Dreams come True” Art Exhibition 2014 October 21st








Octobet 21st is Operama performance in Seoul , Gangnam , GTE tower.
Operma performance will run in GTE tower with wonderful perpuse of “Dream Come True”.

Operama Prelude Ceremony 2014.09.27, 7:30 PM

Operama Prelude Ceremony 2014.09.27, 7:30 PM

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27th September 2014 in Operama prelude ceremony and over than 300 guests from entertainment companies, musicians, singers, TV reporters, Newspaper,VIP and VVIP also some foreigners joined to this ceremony. It was magnificent ceremony with the concepts of 3D (Digital, Dramatic, Diverse).

Nice Operama performance and Operama presentation by professor Claudio Jung make this ceremony more colorful and interested.
Then wine party and friendly chat with guests and memorial pictures together. 

So thank you of our marketing team and their efforts that we had not even one empty chair in our ceremony.
Also kindly welcome and say special thanks to all our audience that make our event so warm and energetic with all their kindness and supporting.


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Operama Arts Administration Research Institute (OAARI)

Operama Arts Administration Research Institute

South Korea, Seoul, Sangam Dong, DMCC Bulding is welcoming to Operama Arts Administration Research Institute (OAARI)
Professor Claudio Jung is director of this non-profit organization and research planning.

27th September 2014 in Operama prelude ceremony over than 300 guests from entertainment companies, musicians, singers, TV reporters, Newspaper,… were invited and will be magnificent ceremony with the concepts of 3D (Digital, Dramatic, Diverse).

The Operama Arts Administration Research Institute (OAARI) acknowledges that the arts have lost its place caused by diminished value and therefore puts research for the present and the future as the basic philosophy. By implementing specific targeted research and approaching from various angles will create values that are presently absent and will ensure these values do not remain just as an abstract.
OAARI first understands the classic and the modern. OAARI’s objectives are to reject prejudice and unilinear dichotomy of fine arts and popular arts and to perform detailed analysis on hidden pros and cons of their structure, philosophy, characteristics of the medium, and etc. At the same time, OAARI focuses on developing fusion contents that have eliminated the gap between fine arts and popular arts and ultimately presenting a new paradigm.
We are living in a digital world where indiscreetly exposed to a plethora of unfiltered information. OAARI studies how to overcome the issues people are facing in diachronic and synchronic perspectives.

The Operama Arts Administration Research Institute shares the solidified end results from the above process with one another.

Follow us and watch the new art generation in Operama.

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Review on Operama performance at the “Muse Live” 12nd October 2013

The Operama performance was performed on the 12nd October 2013 at the “Muse Live” theatre which is located in “Seoul Olympic park”. There were around 300 audiences and the performance was planned and run by KMF (Korean Media entertainment Festival) Company.
In this performance, first some of the famous music groups had performed their songs and Operama had a very special play which was played by the brilliant performers of Professor Claudio Jung  and some other actors and actresses. Operama story was so tragic and the songs were so energetic and ear-catching, that made the audience not to stop clapping.
In this performance, there were some visitors who came from Australia and did not understand Korean and I as a person who knows Korean and English languages, felt very responsible for their understanding of performance and introductions of each stage to audiences. As the Operama was performed, I felt so relieved from translating performance. The entire Operama story was so easy and clear for audience to understand through to artists’ actions and emotions.
In my opinion, this is “Operama’s language” which is clearly understood for people from different countries in all ages to enjoy it. It is the opposite side of “Classic Music” or “Opera” to understand it, people need to have enough knowledge of music and performance to enjoy them. In this Operama performance were performed some famous songs as “chubert Ständchen (Serenade)” and “La Danza” which was the most beautiful song in that performance. Also when Professor Jung Kyoung performed this song, He was walking among audiences and gave them some roses. This performance and action was able to connect more the actors and the audiences and help audience to be a part of performance.
The last program was surprising encore which was mixture of two different types of music and styles. The group “lady” and professor Jung Kyoung sang “This is the moment” song together and it was much softer and dreamier than original one. I think all the audience enjoyed the performance as much as I did.

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