Operama performances



Operama History
Korea University, Kyunghee University Concert

. Got property number 41-0228225 of Patent Office in Republic of Korea
· KBS Concert
· “La Danza” Music Video
. “Operama is a story.” Performance Seoul Olympus Hall
· “Operama is a story.” Live album
.”Sogno” Performance Apgujeong, Brown Gallery

· KBS “morning yard” TV show
· Seoul arts center Concert

. “Operama sing for you.” Performance Sangmyung Art Center
· David Hart Exhibition Grand Hyatt Hotel
· “Schubert Ständchen (Serenade)” Music Video Album
· IBK Industrial Bank Concert
· 2nd KMF Performance Olympic Hall
· “The story of one bartender” Gouri Art Hall

· “Casanova” Performance Gouri Art Hall
· “Schubert Ständchen (Serenade)” Performance Gouri Art Hall
· “Operama Humanitas” Performance DMCC
· “Serenade” Music Video album
. “Operama is a story.” Performance Samguk Yusa, Education and Culture Center
. “Ich liebe dich” L. V. Beethoven” Music Video
. “Operama Arts Administration” Institute Opening, DMCC

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